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3 Horrible Driving Habits That Can Hurt Your Vehicle

Your car is a costly investment, and you should do your best to take care of it. Proper care doesn't just mean regular services, but it also means being extra cautious when you drive. We all have our fair share of driving habits that we may be afraid to admit. While they may come naturally to you, what happens when there's a terrible outcome. Certain practices can not only hurt you, but they can seriously damage your vehicle. Here are three horrible driving habits that you need to break!

Running Into Potholes

Potholes can be sneaky in disguise, especially when they're covered in rainwater or snow. You might not realize it, but they are a major problem. They're constantly found everywhere, no matter where you live. When hitting a pothole straight-on, it can actually annihilate your suspension parts, steering system parts and cause your wheel alignment to shift. To prevent all these things from happening, you need to stay extra attentive to the road to spot them early on.

Flying Full-Speed Over a Curb or Speed Bump

Similar to ramming into potholes, speeding over a bump is a horrible habit to get into. Your impatience can knock your wheels out of alignment, requiring you to get a wheel alignment. Furthermore, you need to be extra careful if your vehicle sits lower to the ground. Hitting a speed bump or curb can lead to significant dents/scratches on your bumper and corrupt the parts in your vehicle's undercarriage. 

Waiting for Dashboard Warning Lights to "Disappear"

Your warning lights are called warnings for a reason, and they're not there just for show! Being ignorant of these brightly lit lights could lead to a major breakdown and expensive repairs. To avoid these mishaps, you should always take care of a warning light as soon as you catch it. A tech at Gil's Garage can help you diagnose the problem, fix it, and reset the light so you can be on your way.


As mentioned earlier, you should protect your investment if you want to keep your car for a long while. We welcome you to Gil's Garage if you've encountered any of the problems we mentioned. Please call us at (518) 618-4018 if you have any questions or concerns today.

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