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5 Signs of a Dying Car Battery

A car battery plays a crucial role in cars by providing electrical current to the vehicle. The critical role is to offer power to start and activate the car's engine. That means that it is significant to keep an eye on the symptoms of a weak car battery. Check on the following five signs of a dying car battery.

1. The engine takes time to start

A healthy car battery starts fast once the key is turned on. If the Car battery fades, then it can lead to an impact on how smooth the engine often starts. When it is slow, then the battery might be the problem.

2. Failure of the engine to start

When the engine fails to start entirely after ignition, then the little hope remaining is gone. The car battery is likely dead when the engine fails to start completely after ignition.

3. Coated or corroded battery

Before ignition, make a habit of self-inspection. Take time to peep through the car battery. If the battery has blue corrosion on top, it leaks, and the leaked acid causes battery corrosion. The leakages result in low efficiency and voltage that prevents the engine from starting as it is set to be.

4. Dim headlights

All electrical components of a car obtain power from the battery. If the battery dies, these electrical car components will not function properly. For illumination, the battery provides power to the headlights. If the headlights are brighter, that may show a firm battery, and when they are dimmer, that may show a weak battery.

5. Backfiring engine.

A dying car battery creates sparks on the cylinders of the engine. It is important to visit a mechanic to get the exact diagnosis because a weak car battery causes the backfiring engine.

If you need a car battery replacement, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Gil's Garage of Half Moon and chat with an expert today!

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