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Common Signs of a malfunctioning exhaust system

To sum up the exhaust system's function and purpose, we can simply say that it gets rid of all the leftover gasses from the combustion process in the engine. And as with any other system or component in your vehicle, it’s destined to have issues. That's why we are here to learn about five of the most common exhaust system malfunctions and problems.

​   Performance issues

When talking about the exhaust system, performance is directly connected because of a few things. Firstly, if the leftover gasses in the cylinders aren’t exhausted properly, the intake of fresh air is impossible. Another part of the engine that relies on the exhaust system is the turbocharger. Simply put, improper exhaustion leads to the turbo not spinning, delivering less boost.

​   Engine misfires

Another sign of a malfunctioning exhaust system is engine misfires. While it might seem unlikely or not connected, if your exhaust system doesn't get rid of the leftover gasses in your engine at the right time, your engine starts to have problems. More exhaust gasses mean less fresh air, resulting in bad combustion ratios.

​   Exhaust leaks in the Interior

By the exhaust leaking in the interior, we mean that it has a leak in the piping, leading to the interior being filled with exhaust gasses. It can either happen because of the A/C system picking the before-mentioned gasses or by them leaking through the cracks and crevices of the doors, panels, or seals.

   Smoke changing color

One of the most noticeable signs of exhaust system issues is a change in the color of the exhaust gasses. Usually, they should be transparent or light-white because of the water being evaporated in the system. Thick white, gray, and in the worst case, black smoke is a very noticeable and worrisome sign that should be addressed promptly.

To avoid these and more issues that we didn’t mention, you can:
-Check for leaks
-Schedule regular maintenance visits
-Inspect other connected systems and components like the engine and turbo
-Replace seals and gaskets

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