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Top 4 Symptoms of an Automotive Emissions Problem

Modern vehicles are usually known to have sophisticated emissions systems designed to burn off toxic exhaust gases and limit emissions. The emissions system also helps keep the car running better with a healthier engine and better fuel efficiency. Today, most vehicles will have an advanced emissions control system that employs different oxygen sensors, computer controls, and exhaust system equipment to let drivers know when there may be an internal issue. However, it would help if you did not solely depend on this technology because it can malfunction. If you sense that you have an emissions problem, it is an excellent idea to get your vehicle inspected as soon as possible. Here are the top four signs of emissions system problems:


Reduced Fuel Economy

Your emissions control system and exhaust system can have a significant effect on your fuel efficiency. Suppose there is an exhaust leak or an emissions problem with components such as the fuel tank, carburetor, catalytic converter, muffler, or exhaust manifolds. In any of these scenarios, you may notice a significant drop in fuel economy. Loss of MPG can result from various automotive issues, so it's best to get a professional examination from a trusted mechanic who can determine the direct source of your lowered gas mileage.


Dashboard Warning Lights

The check engine light can illuminate for many reasons, but exhaust and emissions problems are most common. Some vehicles will have particular warning lights to warn you if it's a defective oxygen sensor or something emissions-related. Any warning light is worth getting inspected as soon as possible.


Bad Exhaust Smells

Your nose can be a reliable source on how to tell if you have an automotive problem. Your exhaust smoke and smell may be strong or unpleasant, which could be a sign of a severe exhaust leak. Any strange smell in your car—especially if it doesn't go away or worsens with intensity—should cause concern.


Loss in Engine Performance

Lastly, emissions problems and other exhaust system issues can affect your engine performance. If it is sputtering, wasting power, or not functioning normally, you will want to get a comprehensive inspection to determine if it's engine damage or emissions-related. You should not take this situation lightly, as further damage could occur.


If you are in Clifton Park, NY, and are experiencing any symptoms of emissions system failure, please call Gil's Garage Inc of Half Moon at (518) 618-4018 or visit today!

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