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Top Signs Your Vehicle Needs Brake Service

Top 7 Signs Your Vehicle Needs Brake Service

Let's get one thing straight – keeping your brakes in proper condition is a matter of life and death. Literally. Unfortunately, brakes are generally very prone to wear and must be regularly checked and replaced if necessary. Fortunately, the signs of them being broken or worn out are usually quite clear. It's good to keep an eye on them.

Weird noises

Screeching, grinding, squeaking, whatever it is – if it's outside of the norm, have it checked. These sounds usually indicate that brake pads need to be replaced. When neglected, they may cause further damage to the system, resulting in pricey repair at best, seriously dangerous situation at worst.


They may occur in the steering wheel, brake pedal, or even the whole vehicle and usually mean warped brake rotors. Don't ignore them, even if they seem neglectable at first.

Uneven braking

If your car is not stopping as fast as it should, or its brake pedal has less resistance, it tells you that it needs new brake pads. These, however, might also sign of much more serious problems, such as air in brake fluid, or leak in the hydraulic system.


If your car is being pulled sideways it may indicate various problems within your system, from unevenly worn out pads to foreign matter in the brake fluid.


If it forms a puddle under your car after it's been parked for a while but it's less oily than oil, then it's probably a brake fluid.

ABS Light

The vast majority of cars nowadays are equipped with a dashboard indicator light – antilock braking system. If it's on, hit the closest repair shop.

Visual inspection

It would usually require you to remove the wheels, but the signs of brake pads calling for replacement are pretty easy to spot. Essentially, if they are really thin (less than a quarter-inch), go and have them checked. Your mechanic can also notice more subtle signs, such as the darker color of discs (usually due to overheating) or their corrosion.

Never ignore these signs but if they occur, we invite you to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today!

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