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What are the Symptoms of Bad or Failing Spark Plugs?

While you may not feel like you know all that much about cars, there are warning signs of certain things that you definitely want to be aware of so you are able to diagnose small issues and get them taken care of before they become a bigger deal. Spark plugs, while they are a small part of any vehicle, can cause a lot of issues when they fail. But how do you know they are failing? Here are a few things to watch out for.

Slow Acceleration

If you notice that your vehicle doesn't have nearly the get up and go that it had in the past, the most common cause for that is poor spark plug condition. Replacing the spark plugs is very simple and mechanics can do it with ease. Of course, that may not be the issue, but it is something you will want to have checked out.

Poor Fuel Efficiency

There are lots of things that can cause your vehicle to get less miles per gallon than it was getting before and spark plug issues are one such thing. If the plugs aren't working well, they can cause you to use more gas every time you drive your vehicle. That's certainly not what you want and having the car looked over and the spark plugs cleaned, checked, and possibly replaced can help you take care of those issues.

Engine Misfires

You certainly don't want your engine to start misfiring. It's always going to be cause for concern. But it could just be because the spark plugs are damaged in some way or another. Getting them replaced could take care of everything and ease your worries.

Starting Troubles

If starting your car becomes more of a chore than something automatic, the spark plugs could be the issue. They work cohesively with lots of other components and if they go bad, your vehicle may not start off immediately like it used to.

If you suspect that your spark plugs are failing, contact our auto repair shop and we'll look things over, clean them off, or replace them for you.

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