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What Can Cause Engine Misfires?

Your car starts with the fuel and air combustion inside the cylinder. Most modern vehicles have multiple cylinders. When one or more fails, it can cause the engine to misfire.


A misfire is precisely what it sounds like. For the engine to run, it must burn energy or the fuel and air mixture. A spark, from your spark plugs, must light the mix at the right time. If any part of this ignition process stops working, the engine will misfire. 


Misfires can occur during startup or at any point when your car is idling. Misfires can happen, and your car can get it going again eventually. Nevertheless, any engine misfires are bad and can translate to an underlying problem. Plus, if you experience multiple misfires, engine damage can spread.

What Causes Engine Misfires?

Even with newer engines, misfires can still occur. You may notice the check engine illuminate on your dashboard right afterward. Here are some of the most common explanations for misfires:

  • Failing Ignition System

The ignition system consists of coil packs, spark plugs, wires, and a crankshaft position sensor. They make up the parts that help ignite the fuel and air.

  • Poor Fuel/Air Delivery

Combustion requires a precise ratio of air and fuel. If there are any parts missing or broken in the process of supplying the right amount of either, you will certainly experience engine misfires. A common example is clogged or dirty fuel injectors. 

  • Faulty Emissions Components

The emissions system consists of all the parts that manage your engine byproducts and help direct them out of your car. They are put in place to keep pollution from your car to a minimum. The positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) and catalytic converter are examples of emission system parts. When they fail to work, a misfire may result.

  • Worn Engine Parts

When the engine’s pistons can’t compress air and fuel properly, your engine can misfire. Certainly, bad engine parts can interfere with the process.

Proper car care can help prevent misfiring and other extensive engine problems. However, it is your responsibility to address any problems causing engine misfires as soon as they happen. Engine complications can be complex and spread down the line. If your engine is misfiring, we invite you to bring your car to Gil’s Garage Inc of Half Moon today.

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