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What Can Put My Car At Risk of Overheating?

An overheating car is a serious issue that should never be ignored. If your vehicle engine gets too hot, it might warp and crack, leading to serious, expensive, and sometimes irreplaceable damages. Even worse, you might not understand why your car is overheating unless you are an expert. Here are some of the common causes of an overheating vehicle.

A Failing Thermostat

The thermostat prevents the coolant from getting into the engine until it is well warmed up. This allows your vehicle to reach the operating temperature much faster. The thermostat valve will open, allowing the coolant to flow throughout the engine. If your car's thermostat fails, the valves might not open to let in the coolant, leading to the engine overheating.

Contaminated or Low Coolant

If your cooling system is low on coolant, it will not be enough to cool the engine. Similarly, if the coolant is contaminated, it will not be efficient in absorbing the heat from the engine, which might lead to the engine overheating.

A Faulty Water Pump

The force from the water pump keeps the coolant circulating throughout the cooling system. That said, problems such as a leak in the water pump can lead to overheating even when the coolant levels and conditions are perfect.

Radiator Problems

The radiator is an integral component of the cooling system. Generally, the coolant passes through the radiator tubes. The tubes are equipped with fins that collect heat from the coolant. Therefore, radiator problems such as debris or particle build-ups might lead to overheating.

Damaged Hoses or Belts

The vehicle's belts and hoses are essential parts of the engine's cooling, charging, and air-conditioning systems. Belts drive power from the engine front to components that need to be driven, including the fans, air-conditioning, and charging system. The heater hoses and radiator supply the coolant to and from the engine from the heater core and engine. Cracked, clogged, or damaged hoses might lead to leaking or impede the free flow of the coolant.

When your car overheats, you should pull over, shut down your engine, turn down the AC, roll down your car windows, then turn on your heater to full blast. While this might be uncomfortable during the sweltering summer season, it is one way to save your engine. Be sure to contact your technician for extensive inspection and repair. If you need engine inspection and repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Gil's Garage Inc of Half Moon today!

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