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What Happens If Coolant Leaks Into Your Motor Oil?

With the various fluids constantly flowing throughout your vehicle, you should always be on the lookout for leaks. While leaks aren't as common in newer vehicles as they are in older cars, they are still possible. Once a fluid leaks, it can not only cause trouble within its designated system, but it can flow and mix with other liquids as well. The big question we will dive into today is: what happens if coolant mixes with motor oil?


If there is engine oil in your coolant or vice versa, it typically means there is damage to one or more of your engine's gaskets or seals. Your motor is designed to work closely but separately from the cooling system. The head gasket is the piece of your engine that prevents coolant or oil from meeting each other. And oil and coolant mix due to a damaged head gasket, which usually happens when your engine overheats.


As you can probably guess, having your coolant and oil combined is terrible for the health of your vehicle. Your car needs oil to lubricate its parts to minimize friction within the engine and coolant to maintain a stable temperature; when both mix together, heat and friction damage can become a significant problem.


You can catch early signs of this type of leak by inspecting your oil or coolant reservoir. If the substance looks thick and milky, it suggests that both fluids have combined. You should go to a professional to change your oil and flush your coolant to correct this problem.


If you suspect that your engine oil and coolant have mixed together, please immediately get your car to our auto repair shop. Prolonging this repair can lead to irreversible damages, so please do what is best for your car's overall health. We welcome you to Gil's Garage at Half Moon.

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