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What is 30/60/90K Vehicle Maintenance?

When you buy your car from a manufacturer, they schedule 30/60/90K vehicle maintenance. The prescription is done because the manufacturer has the best knowledge of the vehicles they sell in the market. The maintenance service will ensure that your car operates well while cruising.

No matter how efficient your car is functioning, parts of the vehicle require constant maintenance after some time. Therefore, car manufacturers use 30K, 60K, and 90K miles as the parameters that tell you that your car's parts need servicing. The parameters are easy to remember, and strictly adhering to taking your vehicle for maintenance at each interval will significantly improve your car's life span. However, any certified mechanic can do the maintenance service apart from the manufacturer. It, therefore, saves you the hassle of having to go back to the manufacturer after every 30k miles.

What Does a Mechanic Repair During 30/60/90K Car Maintenance?

A mechanic will check up on various parts of your car to check their functionality. The vehicle parts checked during the maintenance service include filter systems, ignition systems, and fluid inspections.

Every time you go to your mechanic for a 30/60/90K maintenance schedule, the following are other parts of your vehicle that they check and change when necessary:

Car Fluids

The mechanic should check your car fluids, including the following during the maintenance service: brake and steering fluid, radiator coolant, engine oil, and fuel filters.

Car Filters

The mechanic would also inspect and repair your car filter, including air, cabin, and fuel filters. It will help avoid issues where dirt clogs on your car filters and annihilate their efficiency.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are also very vital parts of your vehicle's functionality. The maintenance service will thus give a chance to the mechanic to replace failed spark plugs and ensure efficient combustion of your car's power system.

General Visual Inspection

The mechanic should also visually check your car's general parts. It includes the vehicle's components like lights, fuel system wipers and tires.

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