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What is a Power Steering Fluid Flush?

Back in the day, you needed to have muscles to steer a car. Older steering wheels were difficult to maneuver and required more physical effort. Power-assisted steering have made the life of drivers easier by introducing hydraulic pumps in the steering systems, which pressurizes a fluid to produce energy that makes steering easier.

Since the hydraulic fluid is pivotal for an efficient power steering system, its proper maintenance is necessary for comfortable and improved control of the steering system.

About Power Steering Fluid Flush

For optimal operations of the power steering system, it is essential to monitor the hydraulic fluid regularly and replenish it when necessary. Fluid flushing is the process of draining the old hydraulic fluid, cleaning its remnants from the compartment, and refilling it with new fluid.

The power steering fluid, just like many other fluids in the vehicle's system, starts running low or gets contaminated as time elapses and mileage builds up. Metal, rubber, or plastic wear products from the system contaminates the hydraulic fluid and cause abrasion of the power steering components. Due to this reason, it is imperative to cleanse the power steering system of these particles by regular fluid flushes.

A proper fluid flush not only removes the soiled fluid but also clears any leftover residue of the abrasive particles from the compartment, followed by a fresh fluid refill.

When should the Power Steering Fluid be Flushed?

The power steering system with clean fluid functions smoothly with better handling of the vehicle, safe driving, and enhanced fuel efficiency. Scheduled replacements of the hydraulic fluid can prevent unfavorable damages in the power steering or other surrounding systems.

The appearance of signs such as difficulty in turning the power steer, screeching noise, or vibrations, looseness, and slipping of the steering wheel indicates that power steering fluid might need flushing. It is best to get the vehicle inspected by a trained mechanic at an auto shop to get the necessary maintenance service.

If you suspect that your vehicle might need a fluid flush, we welcome you to bring your vehicle into our shop to get quality power steering services.

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