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When Should I Get New Tires?

Once we get tires for our cars, many of us put them off to the side until something goes wrong. That is never how you should treat your vehicle's tires. It's important for you to check your tires regularly to make sure they are properly inflated so that they can last you a long time. Another thing you should periodically check is tire tread. Driving on bald or almost bald tires is extremely dangerous. If you're forced to brake abruptly, your car may not stop in time and cause an accident.


There are many different factors to consider when it comes to retiring your tires. 

  • Cracks, bulges, or any other damage in the sidewalls
  • Vibrations when driving
  • Uneven tread wear (often consequences of under-or-over inflation, misaligned wheels, or suspension issues) 
  • Less than 2/32 inch left on the tread or bare tires

An effective way to measure tread is by using a quarter or penny. All you have to do is place the coin with the head upside down between the treads. If you can see the top of Washington's head (quarter test), it's about time for new tires. And if you can see Lincoln's head (penny test), you need new tires ASAP.


Moreover, if your tire has bulges or any damage on the sidewalls, please do not wait. You should take your vehicle to a tire service shop immediately. Bulges are weak spots and create significant risk for a tire blowout, which can be highly dangerous.


At Gil's Garage at Half Moon, we can help you pick out the right tires for your vehicle's make and model. We invite you to bring your car to our Clifton Park tire service shop today!

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